Kingdom Shore
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Vinyl Cover

BB001 - Kingdom Shore - ...and all the dogs to shark

Available in hand packaged, slip sleeved CD, and 180gram audiophile vinyl, pressed from a metal master.

From a restless quiet comes music written and recorded with no will save for a clear and simple expression of a long-haunting struggle to share the substantive too great for any one heart, to resist inheriting numbness and fear from the malevolent and disassociate, to give back what little i have received that is good, to draw to the hearth those who know that the light in this world is not its final ash, and that if you believed in anything, you could not kill another.

This is not a bid for relevance. This is not modern. This is not chamber music. Museums are for education, and active forgetting, and are not prisons for the children we are and are ours. It is too soon to relegate our goals to incompleteness. There is so much left to do. Pick up a book, a pencil, a brush, a hammer, a chisel. Despair young and never look back. Bend closer friends. Let us go.

Music and Mixing by Mark Molnar.
Mixing and Mastering by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering.

Release dates:
Europe - UK - September 2008
Canada - USA - April 2007

Track Listing

side Here My Hand
1. Stray Bullets Singing "It's now what you say, but who you give it to"
2. Fire knows no one house; fire knows no one woman or man

side Take A Stand
3. ..and all the dogs to shark
4. Little birdie, little birdie, why do you sing your song? Such a short time to be here, and a long time to be gone

Duration: 39 Minutes



Sound Samples

- Stray Bullets Singing "It's not what you say, but who you give it to" (mp3 excerpt)

- ...and all the dogs to shark (mp3 excerpt)

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